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Manage Leads

Free lead grabber to receive leads from multiple providers, automatic response for new incoming leads, email and text message notifications, color code tags to help keep everything organized, and more.

Marketing Solutions

Easily compose and design custom emails, that maintain your brand's own identity for any stage of your sales funnel. Book more jobs with multiple channels of communication, combined with an easy to use i-frame free to use as you wish.

Stay Organized

Manage all your jobs from one convenient location. Store all text messages, emails, estimates, pictures, documents, payment details, and just about anything else you might need. 

Partners that we work with

Built and designed for the North American Moving and Relocation Industry

Inspired by years of experience in the industry


Work from Anywhere

Network-Leads is cloud-based, which means you can access it from any device at any time from anywhere! Do onsite estimates with a tablet or even a phone.  


User-Friendly Interface

The initial impression a potential client has about your company and the service they will receive makes a difference. The look, feel, style, and response time can either make them feel safe or be a warning sign. Network-Leads created interfaces and forms that will make it easy for your potential customers to trust you.


Boost Sales

We are a full moving software equipped with everything you need to book the job from A-Z and designed by people who understand the sales process for the moving industry.


Customer Support and Feedback Orientated Company

We understand that the secret to our success is yours; therefore, we are continually updating and upgrading the CRM. Your feedback is important to us, and we want to hear from you both what we are doing right and areas that we could stand to improve. 

Software Pricing

Monthly Annual
SAVE up to 25%
Per Month
1 User 750 emails per month All Features 24/7 Support

You will not be charged
until after your 14 day free trial
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Per Month
Unlimited Users Unlimited Emails 50% Cash Back All Features 24/7 Support

You will not be charged
until after your 14 day free trial
cancel at any time

Put Network-Leads to work for you

Complete Lead Management

Everything you need to manage those leads and nurture them into paying customers

Text Message Center

Reach more potential customers with our state of the art text message center. People respond 70% more to text messaging than any other form of communication today.

Improve Performance of Employees & Departments

Discover where things are working right and areas that your company could improve on with in-depth access to your employee's progress, stats, and much more.

Email Marketing

Send out custom automated emails to your clients including pitches, inventory update forms, and even estimates. Upload and edit custom templates.

Manage Trucks, Inventory & Materials

Keep track of your equipment, expenses, material, and every other aspect of your moving company in one convenient location.

File Manager

Upload any additional company files & documents.
Access them hassle free, anytime - anywhere.

Easy to use interface

A fool proof system that even those with no previous experience can learn fast and master.

Calendar & Lead Reminders

Seamlessly integrate your calendar with a push of the button, and stay on top of all your potential clients to make sure everything runs like clockwork.

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